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Smoking/Non-Smoking Reservations: All Austin Skiers trips are booked NON-SMOKING DOUBLE OCCUPANCY whenever possible.  If you require special lodging arrangements to accommodate smoking/single occupancy etc., additional charges may apply. 

Deposits: Make checks payable to Austin Skiers, Inc.  A deposit of $300.00 (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED) per person is required to hold each reservation.  The final balance of the trip payment will be due 90 days prior to trip departure unless otherwise specified by the Trip Chair.  If complete payment is not received by that date you may be cancelled from the trip and subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee plus any unrecoverable monies, up to the amount already paid. Trips are only open to current Austin Skiers members.

Cancellation Policy:  Upon any cancellation the Club will retain a $50.00 cancellation fee to defray general expenses involved in handling the trip, plus any unrecoverable monies up to the amount already paid.  The cancellation fee amount will be determined by when you notify the Club of your intent to cancel your participation on the trip. If you must cancel after the balance due date, the entire trip payment will be retained to defray payments paid on your behalf for travel, lodging and lift tickets. Austin Skiers, Inc will return that portion of the payment that can be recovered, less the $50.00 cancellation fee.  Refunds for cancellations occurring after the final balance due date will be processed after the trip returns. 

NSF Fee:  Austin Skiers, Inc will charge a fee of $25.00 for all returned checks.

Trip Reservation: Trips are open to current Austin Skiers, Inc. (hereafter also referred to as the Club) members. All reservations must include: (1) minimum deposit - $300.00; (2) fully completed trip application; (3) fully completed membership application; and (4) dues (if not a member).

Waiting Lists: Payments (including deposits) received after a designated trip is sold out will automatically be posted to a waiting list. Those members will be notified and given the option to withdraw their reservation with a full refund or to apply the deposit to an alternate trip. If a member wishes to remain on the waiting list, the deposit will be retained. Members on the waiting list will be notified of available space in the same order as their name appears on the list. Deposits will be returned to those on the waiting list for whom space is unavailable.

Liability Policy: Austin Skiers, Inc. and the Texas Ski Council are non-profit, volunteer organizations operated by, and for the benefit of their members, and accept no responsibility or liability for personal or property loss, expense, damage, injury, accident, delay, irregularity, or inconvenience, however occasioned, sustained or suffered in or during a trip, journey, tour, or activity or in carrying out any arrangements booked by or through Austin Skiers, Inc. By accepting membership in the Club, each member agrees to indemnify and hold Austin Skiers, Inc. and the Texas Ski Council harmless from any liability or damages from sickness, death, or personal injuries, which may arise as a result of membership in the Club or travel with any activities which the Club may sponsor.

Austin Skiers, Inc. is acting as an agent for each member and is not responsible for any claims, losses, damages, costs, or expenses arising out of, or connected with, any injury, accident or death: or damage, loss or delay of baggage or property: or delay, inconvenience, loss of equipment, or frustration, whether physical or mental. Members are responsible for obtaining their own trip insurance.

In the event an airline, ski area, bus company, lodging property owner, or other entity that is providing services to the Club files bankruptcy or ceases to do business, the Club will advise those members affected as soon as possible.  The Club will also attempt to collect refunds. However, the Club is not responsible and bears no liability for any losses due to such bankruptcy or ceasing to do business. Trip cancellation, health and accident insurance is available to protect Club members against unforeseen circumstances which cause Club members to interrupt or cancel their trip. Details will be provided upon request.

Snow Clause: The “no snow” policy of the Club will be the same as the ski area’s policy.

Weather: If a trip should be “weathered-in”, any additional lodging expense is the responsibility of the individual, although the Trip Leader may assist in making accommodation arrangements.

Photographs: All trip participants consent to and authorize Austin Skiers, Inc., its agents, officers and their assigns to use any photographs, reproductions, or other likenesses of participants, including their names, taken while participating in a club trip.

Club Cancellations: The Club reserves the right to cancel any trip, which, due to conditions, is detrimental to the purposes and goals of the Club, and will refund all monies paid, less any monies lost by the Club due to such cancellation. The Club will make reasonable efforts to notify all participants as soon as possible. Written notification outlining the necessity for cancellations will be mailed after such cancellation.

Trip Leader Authority: The Trip Leader and the Assistant Leader assigned by the Club will be wholly in charge of the trip and have complete authority to represent and enforce any Club policies regarding proper and reasonable conduct by all members. Although the Club assumes no responsibility for the actions of any member or Trip Leader, the Club will generally support actions the Trip Leader deems fit and necessary. The Club reserves the right to refuse or terminate trip service or membership to anyone at any time, subject to reasonable cause.

Allowing non-trip participants to occupy any room as a non-registered guest is strictly prohibited and in violation of Club Policies.

The illegal use of controlled substances during Club Trips or on any other official Club function is a violation of Club Policies and will result in immediate loss of membership privileges.

Substitution of trip participants will be allowed only with the approval of the Trip Leader. Any new additions to the Trip must come from the trip’s waiting list.

UPDATED: 4/13/2021
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